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Oracle® Database XML C API Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E10770-02
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List of Examples

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What's New in the XML C APIs?

1 Datatypes for C

2 Package Callback APIs for C

3 Package DOM APIs for C

4 Package Event APIs for C

5 Package Orastream APIs for C

6 Package Range APIs for C

7 Package SAX APIs for C

8 Package Schema APIs for C

9 Package SOAP APIs for C

10 Package Traversal APIs for C

11 Package XML APIs for C

12 Package XmlDiff APIs for C

13 Package XPath APIs for C

14 Package XPointer APIs for C

15 Package XSLT APIs for C

16 Package XSLTVM APIs for C

A Mapping of APIs used before Oracle Database 10g Release 1